Be an Example and a Light




I’m excited to show the final version of my magazine spread. My knowledge in the Adobe program InDesign is improving bit by bit. This is a three page, one spread style being used with a two column layout. I chose this article from titled “Being an Example and a Light” written by President Thomas S. Monson. This article made an impact on me on what it means to have a belief in Christ. It has increased my faith with the realization that God has given me a body and that I need to take care of it and be my best self.


Photo by: Colton McEwen
IMG_1887 2-2
Photo by: Colton McEwen
IMG_1893-2 2
Photo by: Colton McEwen


The photos use in this magazine spread were taken by my smartphone. I thought these photos would enhance the message given. There is light in the believers of Christ, our goal is to have high standards and to not be of the world, and that the path to salvation is lighted by our Savior Jesus Christ.


I attempted to use two different types of fonts, Helvetica Neue and Athelas. One is serif and the other is san-serif. I chose these two because I believe it shows a pretty good contrast and hopefully pleasing to the eyes of the readers who may be reading this.


I used a color scheme of green, orange, and purple. As you may have guessed, it reflects the first image on the first page of the flowers. I thought that it would be effective if I used it throughout the magazine spread.


My goal for this project was to target LDS youth between the ages of 14-18 in areas of the world where Mormonism isn’t as prominent. I thought it might give them confidence as they live in a place where they have to stick with what they know to be true and hopefully become a good example and a light to others.


As you can see, the shape I used are circles with an ellipse for a pull quote. I apply this to all the pages to give it a nice repetition and balance. This helps it show that all pages are relatable and that they belong with each other.


Overall, the relationship with these principles of design make things a lot more attractive and pleasing to the eye so that readers may want to actually read it. I hope you enjoy this project and I’d love it if you could leave comments in the comment box below for any feedback.


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