Vector Bugs


Vector images are great. They can be virtually anything you want it to be, size, shape, color, design, etc. This project was based on creating an icon set. With no specific subject as a requirement, the idea I came up with was different kinds of bugs.



My targeted audience in mind were elementary kids ages 8-12 taking a science class learning about wildlife. I thought it would be an effective use a more friendly looking approach so that it wouldn’t scare any kids.



sports balls rough sketchtrees rough sketchbugs rough sketch


These are rough sketches of icon sets as I was brainstorming. I ended up choosing the bug icon set I drew because it presented more of a challenge by including a little more detail but still keeping it simple at the same time.






It took longer than expected to create these bugs. Though I did have a little help from real-life images from the internet. Obviously I didn’t trace any of them exactly, that would defeat the purpose of simplicity, especially when designing icon sets. It would also be plagiarizing. As a repetitive element for each of these guys, I added a yellow circle to emphasize that it’s an icon and I also added two or more wavy lines on each of them. I guess it’s like saying that I’m leaving my mark to show that’s it’s my work. I’ve made each individual icon in both full-size and thumbnail-size because I’ve learned that it’s good etiquette to do so when developing icons for a certain company or something similar.



I must say, primary colors were very well suited for these bugs. It made for an easy color scheme. Though I guess gray and black could count if you want to be technical about it. The yellow circle as a background for each of them really gives it pop.



Overall, I enjoyed doing this project. I learned a lot of new things and I think the use of repetition, color, design, and simplicity with a targeted audience will greatly enhance any icon set.


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