Goats Don’t Let Goats Become Roadkill


I think I’m starting to like goats. I recently did a DNA presentation on them and now I’ve created a slide design about them. Go figure? Anyways, this slide design represents two different ads. One is an original ad that uses the car manufacture Mercedes-Benz. It’s meant to promote their new braking system in their new line of cars that are available. The ad portrays a goat applying the brakes on the car because if goats were like us, they would immediately stop for other goats. Just as humans would stop for other humans. Even though humans generally don’t stop for animals crossing the road, in this case goats, Mercedes is promoting their new braking system to brake for anyone and anything that is blocking the car from moving forward on the road. Brilliant!



Honestly, the demographics for this slide design could be for anyone who is able to drive a car. Though what would be the fun in that? Instead, I’ve made them more or less specific. This design targets males between the ages of 30-40 who have a five-digit income in the state of Washington. With that income they probably have a nice car like a Mercedes. In this case, their interest is in luxury cars and speed.


Photo by: BBDO
Photo by: makieni
Photo by: Vitaly Krivosheev
Photo by: Stanisic Vladimir
Logo by: Mercedes-Benz
Image by: Colton McEwen


Again, like before, these photos are licensed by the Adobe Stock website from my registered account. The images above are the ones I’ve used to put together my new ad that attempts to incorporate the same design elements as the original Mercedes ad along with a similar message it’s trying to get across. For the goat image, I decided to completely take it out of its background picture and put it into more of a night driving-type background. Then, with the person driving with a visible steering-wheel, I cut out the white background where the window of the car is supposed to be and put both the goat and the night driving background so that it looks like the driver pulls to a stop right in front of the little goat.



When it comes to text, I didn’t want the text on the slides to be exactly or close to the font used on the original Mercedes Ad. I attempted to at first, but it didn’t look right. Even then, I don’t have the rights or the money to buy the Mercedes font. Instead, I went for more of a san-serif font approach with a light touch to it for all the slides. Though when I created my new ad, I tried to get as close as I could to match the original ad. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.



Choosing colors was a little more experimental this time for both the slide design and the new ad. It was one of those days where you play around with the color wheel. I ended up choosing a dark blue with a relatively light purple/violet color to create some contrast. As for the shapes I’m going to call them triangle-rectangles. Again, this was experimental and I personally think the end result is pretty cool.



With all that’s been said and done, I really liked the challenge of taking an existing ad and turning it around into something that’s different and unique but with virtually telling the same message. From these past several months of creating visual media projects, I realize that the possibilities are endless. Hope you enjoy!!