Highlighted Project – Creative Ad

This is a little video I posted on YouTube that highlights my favorite project of the semester in my Visual Design class along with the biggest thing I’ve learned in making these projects from the past several months. Enjoy!


Powder Redefined.


I decided to be a little more “clean” with my post this time. This image depicts a creative ad designed in Photoshop. As you can see, I used a bowl of Arm & Hammer baking soda and turned it into a compact makeup mirror with a brush to go along side it. Now you may be wondering why I’m using makeup to advertise baking soda. It makes no sense, right? Well for this project I used a project specification generator that my professor had us use to generate random demographics for our projects.


Facebook Advertisement
TV advertisement


Specifically, my demographics were for females, ages 18-24 who had a high school education with the relationship status titled: single. High levels of their media consumption came from TV and social media. Most importantly however, I had to come up with an ad that fit these demographics with one common household item that had also been generated into the mix. That is, baking soda.


Photo by: Sea Wave
Photo by: Yuriy_K
Photo by: markobe
Logo by: Arm & Hammer


First and foremost, I’d like to mention that these photos are licensed by the Adobe Stock website from my registered account. As you can see above, I am showing the images I used for my creative ad. The first one shown is an image of the baking soda with a spoon full of baking soda. This is the main image used in my project except that I omitted the spoon and replaced it with one of the makeup brushes as you can see from the second image shown. In my attempt to make this into a compact makeup mirror, I copied the outline of the bowl of baking soda and moved it on top of the bowl. Then I cut out one of the mirrors in the last image shown above and pasted it above the bowl to give it more of a life-like feel of a compact makeup mirror. The last photo of course is the Arm & Hammer logo from the Arm & Hammer company. I decided to make this nice and big so that the reader may quickly understand what the ad is trying to portray.



As for the message, I needed similar creativity to go along with the overall ad. I thought about baking soda and how it is used to clean things. Then I thought about how females spend a good amount of time trying to make themselves look good. Especially when they’re single. As a result, we get the main headline, “CLEAN UP YOUR LOOK.” and a simple call to action message underneath it, “impress the man of your dreams.” As for the last bit of text I put more of an action statement to prompt the reader to go buy some Arm & Hammer baking soda at the store or on their website. The style of the text is simple too, I purposefully chose to have a sans-serif font for the main headline and a serif font for the message underneath so that it could show a distinct contrast between the two.



No grand color scheme hear, mostly black, dark gray, white, red (for the logo) and a hint of blue in the mirror. I feel that these colors are complementary and work very well together. It might be just me, but I feel that these colors give the image a certain amount of depth to make it come to life.


Ultimately, I walked away feeling good about this creative ad project. Honestly, I’ve never been creative at anything so this was a stretch for me as it was probably the most creative thing I’ve ever attempted to create. I hope you like it!